Video: Watch Kerowack's Dirty Bumf

One could say this track is not to be missed and as such, we've grabbed the video for your possible enjoyment. Featuring some ridiculously clad old school rollerskaters to satify your deranged desires. 63-minute Tech-Funk Mix included.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Sep 14, 2004

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As I have a tendency toward Trance, I try to mix up my listening and expand to other genres. So I was on a mission to find some new House to add to my ipod and came across this electro-house single from the relatively unknown Kerowack. The song is good... no GREAT; and the video is ridiculous. Here it is for you to enjoy?

Watch the Video: {Windows}

Dirty Bumf
Fuck Guitars
63-Minute Tech Funk Mix

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