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Subtlety works.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Oct 29, 2009

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Bot'Ox - Blue Steel
Oct 29, 2009

Beginning with a crunchy, simple rhythm, "Blue Steel" quickly draws you in, bobbing head and all. Layering complexity on the basic setup is masterful... then the vocals kick in and the track builds to a smooth chorus. French pop at it's finest thanks to ear catching rhythms and sublime vocals from Anna Jean.

This is the Bot'Ox single "Blue Steel" on the EP of the same name, accompanied by "Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show"; out Nov 9. Bot'Ox is Julien Biffaz and Benjamin Boguet otherwise known as Cosmo Vitelli. Together, they've had five releases on prestigious labels such as DFA, DC recordings, Grand Central and I’m a cliché. Bo'Tox had previous success with their smash "Crashed Cadillac".

So says the press: It was a Parisian encounter in a dark recording studio near République, under the mark of Saint Ambroise and in the middle of machines, synthesizers, effects emulators, where a pioneer bond was born. Hours of rush, borrowing here and there the roughest sounds for a tangible and sensorial experience, starting with abstract to cut, prune, saw, cut and cut, again and always, to find lucid melodies and blistering rhythms…or otherwise known…Bot'Ox

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