Video: Supafly's Hot Mid-Summer Anthem 'Moving Too Fast'

Listen for that familiar Phil Collins hook.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Aug 15, 2006

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Supafly returns this Summer with a solid release. The song has the formula House feel and sound at its base, and uses the lead line from 'Another Day in Paradise' to attract pop radio. The genius here is the vocal track. Not the cheesy female backing vocals, but Supafly's distinct voice. It is reminiscent of their brilliant Summer 2005 release 'Let's Get Down'.

The single is complete with remixes from Ian Carey, Freemasons and Beginerz. The remixes are kind of dodgy, with exception to the Ian Carey Dub, none really add to much to the original. Still a winner though.

"Moving Too Fast"
Artists: Supafly Inc.
Format: CD & 12"
Released: August 28, 2006
Label: Data Records
1. "Moving Too Fast (Ian Carey vocal mix)"
2. "Moving Too Fast (Ian Carey dub)"
3. "Moving Too Fast (Beginerz remix)"
4. "Moving Too Fast (Northwest remix)"
5. "Moving Too Fast (Freemasons full vocal mix)"
6. "Moving Too Fast (Freemasons dub)"

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"Moving Too Fast"

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