Video: Studio B - I See Girls Chasing Some Guy

Ministry of Sound releases some new remixes from last year's Ibiza anthem. The video is inspired by Monty Python... can you guess which movie? Track and video are good this time.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Mar 31, 2005

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Annoyed by the formula funky House being released lately, I actually like this track and am glad to hear this excellent take on the original. It doesn't sound like your typical House anthem that Data Records (aka Ministry of Sound) latches on to, and that's probably the reason why it is so appealing.

The vocals are from the 2003 R&B release "I See Girls", by singer/songwriter Harry Brooks and producer JD, aka Dready (So Solid). It was remixed last year by Tom Neville and became a hot track in Ibiza 2004. Now its been given a proper release with a bunch of remixes and this hot video. I imagine the gents will like this one.

Studio B - "I See Girls"
Format: 12" and CD Single
Released: March 28, 2005
Label: Data Records/MoS/Boss
1. "I See Girls" (Tom Neville radio edit) {mp3}
2. "I See Girls" (Tom Neville Crazy Legs remix) {mp3}
3. "I See Girls" (Freemasons remix) {mp3}
4. "I See Girls" (Mike Di Scala remix) {mp3}
5. "I See Girls" (Mauve remix) {mp3}

Watch the Video: {windows media}

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