Video: Red Blooded Women Release 'You Made Your Bed EP'

All girl trio set to burn up the underground.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Aug 6, 2008

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When you think of modern day girl bands, you probably think of denim miniskirts, cheap hairspray and fake tan. Now, imagine three powerful confident young women more likely to listen to Kraftwerk than Atomic Kitten, influenced by everything from Abba and The Carpenters through to Daft Punk and Depeche Mode. Imagine three young women equally obsessed with thrilling modern pop music coming from the likes of Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and The Ting Tings, as they are with 80's electro.

Introducing Red Blooded Women, an electro collective of feisty girls who pull no punches with their raw sound and gritty visuals. After months of hiding away in several London studios writing with some of the industries most exciting up and comings, the girls now unleash their limited edition taster EP 'You Made Your Bed' on Monday August 24th.

Acting as a taster of what the future holds, the EP will be available for download on the uber-cool electro label Planet Clique alongside a physical release of limited edition red vinyl EPs, allowing pop aficionados the chance to finally get their hands on some RBW sounds.

The EP features two effervescent, electro laced pop tracks equally at home on pop playlists as they are on club dancefloors; 'You Made You Bed' and '4 2Nite', alongside mixes of 'You Made Your Bed' by Rochelle and Dreamtrak.

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"Red Blooded Women - You Made Your Bed"

Red Blooded Women - Megamix
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Liz from the band says "Just because we're a girl group, a pop group as it were, we don't see why we can't do something a little different. Music that is a little bit awkward and edgy. People kept telling us that we couldn't do it, but the thing is, we're stubborn girls - every time someone used the word can't, we just tried that bit harder. We want to change people's perceptions of what British pop can be".

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