Video: Perfect Exceeder Launches Pop Dance in 2007

Super catchy mash-up of singles by Mason and Princess Superstar.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Jan 19, 2007

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We begin a new year with Data Records ("Ministry of Sound") launching the higly anticipated single on January 22nd of "Perfect Exceeder" a mash-up of Mason's "Exceeder" and Princess Superstar's "Perfection". The original Mason single came out towards the end of 2006, and is an electro house fan's wet dream. Seek out Tomcraft's remix for a treat of solid, edgy grooves.

With the combo of hot-right-now electro house in Exceeder and DJ sensation Princess Superstar, we might have another cross over hit in the making. Especially with an ultra wicked, and funny, music video, we can all expect the ring-tone ads to hit the toob soon as it rides the coaster of mass public consumption. Recently supported by Tiga, Laurent Garnier and Freeform Five.

"Perfect Exceeder"
Artist: Mason vs. Princess Superstar
Format: CD & 12" Singles
Released: January 22, 2007
Label: Data
1. Perfect Exceeder (radio edit)
2. Perfect Exceeder (vocal club mix)
3. Perfect Exceeder (instrumental club mix - Mason Exceeder)
4. Perfect Exceeder (Martijn Ten Velden vocal remix)
5. Perfect Exceeder (Tomcraft remix - Mason Exceeder)

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"Perfect Exceeder"

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