Video: Midfield Generals Release Electric Sex with Disco Sirens

Brings a whole new meaning to electrifying.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Apr 15, 2008

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Midfield Generals brought in a top-notch crew for this super hot Electro House single, released April 14, 2008. It features Vila from The Bumblebeez on vocals, Xavier De Rosnay from Justice on bass & drums and mixed by Soulwax. Seb Janiak delivers a novel music video, simple in design, but effective in representing the electro nature of the song.

Remixes are courtesy of Chicken Lips-- bringing that familiar 'he not in' sound, boy 8Bit and D.I.M. In this rare case, the original is truly unique, with that terribly catch bassline and Beastie-esque vocal, the remixes almost seem superfluous. The single has seen wild support from the grand jury of Radio 1: Pete Tong, Annie Mac & Zane Lowe; not to mention from the General himself.

The single precedes the General's new album 'General Disarray' which is released on April 28th, 2008.

Music Video
"Midfield Generals feat. Vila - Disco Sirens"

"Disco Sirens"
Artist: Midfield Generals feat. Vila
Label: Skint
Released: April 14, 2008
1. "Disco Sirens" (club mix)
2. "Disco Sirens" (Chicken Lips dub)
3. "Disco Sirens" (DIM mix)
4. "Disco Sirens" (Boy 8-Bit vocal remix)

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