Video: MC Tali For The Drum and Bass Heads

Backed by DnB master Roni Size, MC Tali broke out with a killer debut album in early 2004. Although the tracks 'Lyric on my Lip' and 'Blazin' have been around for a while, the videos are worth a viewing.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Aug 6, 2004

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MC Tali's album "Lyric on my Lip" came out in the US in March of 2004, but I hadn't caught any of the tracks until recently, as is always the case with the stack of unopened CDs on my desk. I realize now that I totally missed a great album, backed by none other than Roni Size.

The fact that MC Tali is a girl AND is a hardcore DnB producer is a double threat. A rare combination in and of itself, Tali is also extremely good at the trade. Watch these videos and see for yourself.

Lyric on my Lip { QT }
Blazin { QT }

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