Video: Josh Wink and Superpitcher at One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond at the AMNH: an InternetDJ video review.

Posted by Nelo on Fri Oct 26, 2007

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Clubland has some interesting venues, old churches, castles, beaches, dingy dives, dungeons, rooftop hangouts, basements, warehouses and museums... Yes you heard right museums. The massive American Museum of Natural History isn't a place you would associate with late night hijinks unless of course you have watched a recent Ben Stiller/Robin Williams movie but once a month the Rose Center for Earth and Space the futuristic wing of the old museum is transformed into a party venue.

One Step Beyond presented by Flavorpill is a series taking place one Friday a month, when internetdj caught it Josh Wink and Superpitcher were providing the entertainment. Check out our video review for all the details.

One Step Beyond Video Review

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