Video: I Lick Your Ice Cream; You Can Lick My Lollipop

But please... do not *ever* chew the lollipop.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue May 1, 2007

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Here we go with another huge Data Records video supporting a recently acquired single with mass appeal. ‘Lollipop’ is the work of Matt Schwartz, formerly of Deepest Blue and The Drill, and the production engineer behind Massiv Attack projects. Super-cool girl Trix, from hotly tipped electro-punk band, LIPS, is joined on vocals by dance legend, Sandy Rivera (of Kings Of Tomorrow fame and the producer of the house anthem, ‘Finally’).

Sandy, heard the track by chance: "It sounded amazing. It had a really sexy vibe and I thought it could use some dirty, tricky vocals with my style on it. Earlier I was listening to some of Trix's songs and asked Matt if she wanted to do the Lollipop thing with me. So I laid down the lyrics and Trix added her lines in later. There is something about lickin' ice cream that fits me nicely..."

The song and accompanying video is what you'd expect from a track targetted for mass appeal. As is usually the case, high-profile remixers were invited to add a modern, proggy twist to an otherwise ho-hum single. Nic Fanciulli saves the day here with a mind-numbing spin that makes the whole package worth a buy.

Artist: Dada Ft. Sandy Rivera & Trix
Format: CD & 12"
Label: Data
Released: April 24, 2007
side 1:
1. "Lollipop" (club mix)
2. "Lollipop" (The Drill remix)
side 2:
1. "Lollipop" (Jerry Ropero remix)
2. "Lollipop" (Nic Fanciulli remix)
3. "Lollipop" (acappella)

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Dada ft Sandy Rivera & Trix - 'Lollipop'

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