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A long time coming.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Jul 17, 2007

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The mouthful of an album title that is "HEY HEY MY MY YO YO", is Junior Senior's second album. It was released in Japan in 2005, Australia in April '07 and in a smattering of EU countries in between. The group has decided to bestow their odd greatness upon the US on August 14, 2007. To make this an even more special event, and perhaps to spice up an album that has been hanging around since 2005, they are releasing a companion EP titled "SAY HELLO, WAVE GOODBYE," which will be included in a limited edition 2CD set with "HEY HEY MY MY YO YO".

Comments Jeppe (Senior) Laursen on the new companion recordings, "We wanted to dance this summer, so we went into the studio. Four days. Wham-bam! I hope people will want to dance to it too."

If you're not familiar with Junior Senior, you may already have heard their tunes. "Take My Time" was featured in Lumines II on the PSP; "Move Your Feet" was featured in Dance Dance REvolution EXTREME on the Playstation 2; "Rhythm Bandits" made the soundtrack of FIFA 2004. In February 2006 they held a contest for fans to appear in a music video for their song "Can I Get Get Get"; the song was also used on the TV show Ugly Betty. Check out the video below.

Music Video
"Junior Senior - Can I Get Get Get"

"Hey Hey My My Yo Yo"
Artist: Junior Senior
Format: CD
Label: Rykodisc/Crunchy Frog
Released: August 2007
1. "Hello"
2. "Hip Hop a Lula"
3. "Can I Get Get Get"
4. "Take My Time"
5. "Itch U Can't Skratch"
6. "We R the Handclaps"
7. "I Like Music (W.O.S.B.)"
8. "Ur a Girl"
9. "No No No's"
10. "Dance Chance Romance"
11. "Happy Rap"

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