Video: Greg Churchill's Infused Trash

Greg Churchill's latest techno release from Underwater Records received plays from Hernan Catteneo and Danny Howells. Great track.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Nov 10, 2004

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I've not heard much of New Zealand based DJ/Producer until I read a bit from the Underwater Records website. They claim that he is sometimes called the "Godfather of House". Although when I google that, his name comes up nada. I always thought Frankie Knuckles had that title (sure enough... lots of Google entries for that guy as the Godfather). In fact, Greg himself properly acknowledge's his title of "Godfather of NEW ZEALAND House". Shame on Underwater.

He had two releases earlier in 2004 that did well, 'Budonkadonk' and 'Body Slander / Wrong Sound', but I don't think those will touch his latest release 'Infused Trash'. Aside from the usual label hype, and the ill-advised 'Godfater of House' mention, this track is an absolute stonker. It's already in heavy rotation in my ipod, and the video is definitely not to be missed. Lots of great cityscape visuals magically edited under the direction of Keiran Hurson-Thomas. Very entertaining techno track and a breath of fresh air from the girly throw-up pop-shite from the late Ministry of Sound.

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