Video: Get Down With Vitalic and My Friend Dario

Vitalic releases an eye catching video for their single 'My Friend Dario', an Electroclash gem that is not to be missed. Watch the video and get the details on their debut album out now.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jun 2, 2005

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I've become a fan of late within the Electroclash or New Wave House genre. Lots of ingenuity featured in the tracks being released from a few notable labels. Vitalic is one of those artists to keep on your radar with a stellar debut album in "OK Cowboy" and a smash single "My Friend Dario". You can pick up both the single and the full album in stores now, or check out the link below to pick it up online. Definitely a keeper.

"My Friend Dario"
Artist: Vitalic
Format: CD Single
Released: April 23, 2005
Label: PIAS
1. "My Friend Dario" (original)
2. "My Friend Dario" (extended)
3. "My Friend Dario" (Dima Prefers Newbeat mix)
4. "Warm Leatherette (As Heard On Radio 1)"

Watch the Video: {WMV}

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