Video: Fatboy Slim Releases a Decade of Greatest Hits on 'Why Try Harder'

Also includes the new singles 'Champion Sound' and 'That Old Pair of Jeans'.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jun 21, 2006

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This week sees the release of Fatboy Slim's greatest hits compilation album 'Why Try Harder'. This landmark collection spans ten years (and four albums) of energetic, innovative big beat tracks highlighing Fayboy's position as one of the biggest names in dance music history.

The album includes all the hit Fatboy Slim singles, alongside remixes for Cornershop and Groove Armada, plus two exclusive new tracks: Champion Sound and That Old Pair Of Jeans. Why try harder, indeed: when you sell over 8 million copies of your music, there's not much else left to do.

After breaking records for playing the biggest DJ shows in the world, including 250,000 people in Brighton and 350,000 in Rio, Fatboy Slim has a series of live dates closer to home this summer, kicking off with Beach Parties at Port Rush and on the shores of Loch Ness and followed by headline appearances at Global Gathering and the V Festivals.

The album is available for a limited time with a bonus DVD containing ten classic Fatboy videos, including the Spike Jonze directed "Weapon Of Choice" and "Praise You" and there will be a full length DVD with all the videos and extras (including directors' commentaries and making of's) released on 17th July.

"Why Try Harder"
Artist: Fatboy Slim
Format: CD
Released: June 19, 2006
Label: Skint
1. Rockafeller Skank
2. Praise You
3. Brimful Of Asha - Cornershop
4. Weapon Of Choice
5. Gangster Trippin'
6. I See You Baby - Groove Armada
7. Wonderful Night
8. Right Here Right Now
9. Going Out Of My Head
10. Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
11. Everybody Loves A Carnival
12. Don't Let The Man Get You Down
13. Demons
14. Sho Nuff
15. Slash Dot Dash
16. Santa Cruz
17. Champion Sound
18. That Old Pair Of Jeans

Watch 'That Old Pair of Jeans' Video:
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