Video: DJ Sammy Releases WHY? Remix

The DJ we love to hate, DJ Sammy, has dropped another gem on us. It's a remix of the Annie Lennox track 'Why?', and we ask ourselves... WHHHHHHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!? Check it.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Jun 13, 2005

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See? He won an award. That means he's good, right? Dance-pop fans can now rejoice with DJ Sammy's return to the UK charts. This time, he has remixed the Annie Lennox classic track "Why?" The CD single and the 12" are out right now as is his supporting video. It's been released by-- yep, you guessed it, Ministry of Sound. What say you, my oh-so-anti-dance-pop members of internetdj? In the spirit of the new Fantastic Four movie, I say "FLAME ON!"

Artist: DJ Sammy
Format: CD/12" Single
Released: June 13, 2005
Label: Ministry of Sound
1. "Why" (radio edit)
2. "Why" (club mix)
3. "Why" (Breeze & Styles remix) (Dima Prefers Newbeat mix)
4. "Why" (Phunk Investigation remmix)
5. "Why" (Parker & Hanson remix)

Watch the Video: {WMV}

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