Video: DJ Benzina Heats Up Moscow Nightlife

Sometimes we here at InternetDJ take our culture a bit too seriously. Sometimes we need to sit back, relax and drool over a video like this one of DJ Benzina from Russia.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Nov 14, 2005

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I can't read Russian, nor do I quite understand what is being said on her website, but since I am a guy, I guess I can understand what it's all about. And I don't think it's about her DJ-ing skills. Perhaps DJ Benzina has the ultimate look of a killer DJ, but as I am not in Russia, I can't offer a proper judging on her technique and original skills, nor will I make an assumption in this public forum.

After digging around for a bit of background, DJ Benzina actually started off as a school teacher. She moved to St. Petersburg and was later picked up as a model and extra in music videos. Eventually she was convinced to capitalize on the fervent nightlife culture developing in Moscow and become a DJ.

Now DJ Benzina headlines in all of Moscow's hottest night clubs. The video below is hilarious, and I wonder if any of our Russian members can comment on this obviously commercial product. Gotta love the breakaway trousers and the Benassi rip. (I can't wait to read the comments on this one.)

Watch 'DJ Benzina' Promo Video:
Thanks to InternetDJ member giljanus for offering this enticing tidbit.
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