Video: Danzel Pump It Up is Tops In Europe

I can't believe this. Quite possibly the worst dance track I've ever heard has reached number one in Europe. It's official, Europe is now a part of the United States. Sample video and audio are here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Oct 21, 2004

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The song is "Pump It Up" by some guy from Belgium named Danzel. Apparently he was one of the 20 (out of 3000) final contestants on the Belgium version of "Idol". 'Pump it up' is a remake of a song by the Black and White brothers, who had a big hit in the nineties with 'Put Your Hands Up'. I foresee wedding DJs across the US and Europe playing this song so the grannies can "get down" with their grandkids. I hated this song the first time, when it was called "The Macerena". What's next? Hip-Hop taking over European airwaves? Oh wait... that's already happened. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Chart Activity
UK Chart Action
#1 UK Music Week Pop Chart (out 1st Nov UK)
#1 DMC Mainstream Club Chart
#3 Cool Cuts Chart
#5 Music Week Club Chart
#9 The Box
Kiss London

Europe / Scandinavia Chart Action
#1 DDC
#1 ODC
#1 Norwegian Dance
#1 Italian Dance
#1 Italian Radio DEEJAY Parade
#1 Poland Sales
#3 Scandinavian Dance
#3 Russian Sales
#4 Austrian Sales
#4 German Sales
#5 Swedish Dance
#6 Finnish Dance
#6 French Sales (8 weeks in Top 10)
#6 Swiss Sales
#8 Danish Sales

Danzel - Pump It Up
Video {Windows Media}
Audio {MP3}

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