Video: Commander Tom's Attention! Released

The latest chick-flick video single has been dropped. Nineties Dance legend Commander Tom returns in full force with a track to be reckoned with.... Again. Watch the hot vid here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jan 27, 2005

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Commander Tom's "Attention!" has had recent air play by Dave Pearce, Judge Jules and Pete Tong on Radio 1. The re-release by Data/Ministry of Sound will turn off a lot of hardcore dance crazies as there is the belief that MoS themselves are killing the genre with fluff.

For us? Eh... we're not really label snobs. Its a healthy track, good vocals from the 1997 Tom Novy vs. Eniac hit "Superstar" and a catchy synth-phrase that is not wholly unlike the phrasing from Tomcraft's Lonliness mega-hit. Although I believe "Attention!" came first.

The release history of "Attention!" may confuse some people... hey it confused me. After a bit of research, we see that "Attention!" was originally released on 12" by Ultra US in January of 1990. An additional "Attention (remixes)" 12" was released by Pulsive Germany in mid 2004. That brings us to this year's two distinct releases by MoS. (see for yourself right here.)

Commanter Tom - "Attention!"
Format: 7 Track CD Single
Release Date: January 24th, 2005
Label: Ministry of Sound
  1. "Attention!" (radio edit) { MP3 }
  2. "Attention!" (Future Funk remix) { MP3 }
  3. "Attention!" (original club mix) { MP3 }
  4. "Attention!" (F&W remix) { MP3 }
  5. "Attention!" (Steve Murano remix) { MP3 }
  6. "Attention!" (Jan Driver remix) { MP3 }
  7. "Attention!" (video) { Windows Video }

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