Video: Coldcut Release Single Everything Is Under Control

Coldcut return with the first single from their massive forthcoming album, 'Sound Mirrors'.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Nov 7, 2005

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The Coldcut fellows bring the guitar noise and drawled vocals of Spencer and then cut and chop them in the way that only the original masters can. After which, they let Mike Ladd loose on the politics, a stream of conscience. Obnoxious, raw and utterly huge, it sounds like classic era Beastie Boys crossed with Weatherall-produced Primals, but in the way that only the duo behind "Beats & Pieces" could mash it, and then only in the way that they could mash it right now.

In January 2006 Coldcut will release their new studio album "Sound Mirrors". Quite clearly the best album of a long and illustrious career, it features a fantastic line-up of guests but always sounds exactly like a Coldcut record. In addition, September sees the launch of a huge and fantastic new website from these web pioneers. Don't worry, the Godfathers are back. Everything really is under control.

"Everything Is Under Control"
Artist: Coldcut
Format: CD Single
Label: NinjaTune
Released: November 14, 2005
1. "Everything Is Under Control"
2. Everything Is Under Control [Return Of The Underdog Remix]
3. Everything Is Under Control [Solid Groove Remix]
4. Everything Is Under Control [DJ Kentaro Remix]
5. Everything Is Under Control [Theory 0.1 Version]
6. Everything Is Under Control [Quicktime Video]

Watch the Video:
Medium: {WMV}

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