Video: Chemical Brothers 'Believe' Single Released

The Chemical Brothers have released 'Believe', a new single off their fourth album 'Push the Button'. You must see this video, it has some great robotic special effects.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu May 5, 2005

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Leave it the Chemical Brothers to release an album that breathes new life into the doldrums of recent redundant dance releases-- and what an exciting video for their latest single, 'Believe'. I'd say a welcome change from all those scantily clad dancing chicks we've seen in dance music videos a bit too much lately. Not that gyrating women on camera are necessarily a bad thing, just loses its charm when you see the same thing day after day without fail. Plus, who doesn't like evil attacking robots?

'Believe' features Kele Okereke from Bloc Party on vocals and was released on 2nd May 2004 on Freestyle Dust/Virgin Records. The 'Believe' video was directed by Dom and Nic, also known for directing other Chems videos such as 'The Test', 'Hey Boy, Hey Girl', 'Block Rockin' Beats' and 'Setting Sun'.

The Chemical Brothers - "Believe"
Format: CD Single
Label: Virgin
  1. "Believe" (extended version) {mp3}
  2. "Spring" {mp3}
  3. "Believe" (Erol Alkan's Feel Me re-work) {mp3}
  4. "Believe" (Video) {windows}

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