Video: Blaze - Most Precious Love Re-released for 2006

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Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Apr 8, 2006

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Defected Records celebrated winning the award for Best Label at The House Music Awards for the second year running. This was closely followed by Track of the Year with the labels former 100th release "Blaze feat Barbara Tucker – Most Precious Love." The track returns to our dancefloor and airwaves with a new package and remixes come in the guise of Chocolate Puma, Ian Carey and Sergio Flores.

“For Most Precious Love to win Record of the Year at the HMA’s merely confirms our belief that this record was a genuine club land champion. Such records have a history of achieving greater success on their re-issue and subsequently retail are demanding a re-release”
Simon Dunmore (Defected Records)

"Most Precious Love"
Artist: Blaze ft. Barbara Tucker
Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital
Label: Defected Records
Released: April 17, 2006
1. 'Most Precious Love' (Freemasons Radio Edit)
2. 'Most Precious Love' (Freemasons Extended Mix)
1. 'Most Precious Love' (Freemasons "Proper" Club Mix)
2. 'Most Precious Love' (Freemasons Dub Mix)
3. 'Most Precious Love' (Sergio Flores Scientific Soul Afro Vox Mix)
4. 'Most Precious Love' (Ian Carey Club Mix)
5. 'Most Precious Love' (Chocolate Puma Remix)
6. 'Most Precious Love' (Video)

Watch the Video
"Most Precious Love" {windows media}

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