Video: Armand Van Helden Releases INTO YOUR EYES

We're pretty excited about AVH's brand new single from his forthcoming album. Its classic Armand House that we're all familiar with. We have the video here with all its juicy details.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Jun 6, 2005

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Armand Van Helden, the genius behind My, My, My and Hear My Name, is launching the first single from his forthcoming "Nympho". It's called "Into Your Eyes", and I must say, it will be damn fine start to Summer 2005. The single will also feature remixes from Sant & Matteo Esse, Sebastien Leger and The Droyds. I've heard them too. Quality tracks as well. Although we haven't gotten our copy of AVH's new album-- ahem (see the contact us link on the bottom of this page!), we imagine it will be nothing short of fantastic. "Nympho" will be released on the 4th of July.

"Into Your Eyes"
Artist: Armand Van Helden
InternetDJ Rating:
Format: CD Single
Released: June 20, 2005
Label: Southern Fried
1. "Into Your Eyes" (original)
2. "Into Your Eyes" (Sant & Matteo Esse Remix)
3. "Into Your Eyes" (Sebastien Leger Remix)
4. "Into Your Eyes" ( The Droyds Remix)

Watch the Video: {Quicktime}

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