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Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Mar 6, 2004

During our friday night maintenanance window, we encountered a corruption in our database which affected our user accounts. The good news: All other information, like MP3s, account profile, forum posts, points, etc are in tact. The bad news is that all internetdj account information is lost.

Members who cannot login due to this, must follow these instructions EXACTLY before email for help or recovery.

1. Go to register, and create a new site account, please use your former username since it is now deleted. If you see that you're logged in, that means the cookie is on your computer, not that your account is working. You must re-register on internetdj.

2. Then send an email to with your username and MP3 artist profile name, and we'll begin the process of recovering your account profile link information.

Thanks for your patience, and we've now put in a process to prevent this type of corruption from happening again. Power users will be re-associated when you create your new account. DO NOT CREATE A NEW MUSIC PROFILE FOR EXISTING USERS.

Update: Getting a lot of recovery requests and that is great. If you don't hear from me, that means I can recover ALL of your information and it will be done shortly.

Update: Don't email if you haven't created a site account. And make sure you send me your correct artist name.

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