US Government Confiscates Torrent and other Pirate Domains

US government lays the smack down on pirates.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Nov 27, 2010


The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a division of the Department of Homeland Security agency, has taken over about 70 web site domains.  Domains that were targeted in the take-down were accused of selling counterfeit products and/or providing access to torrents.

Among the sites include,, and  Visitors to these sites will see a federal notice stating: "This domain name has been seized by ICE--Homeland Security Investigations, pursuant to a seizure warrant issued by a United States District Court."

These shutdowns have taken place after approval by the Senate Judiciary Committee of the controversial Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA). This act allows federal agencies the control to take over a web site domain if it "has no demonstrable, commercially significant purpose or use other than" offering or providing access to pirated media.

Most experts agree that seizing the offending web site's domain is pointless as the actual content still remains on the server. The web site owner can easily set up a brand new domain and be back in business in a matter of minutes.


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