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Versatile, Funky and Harmonic.

Posted by annacon3 on Mon Feb 8, 2010

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Chairlift originally took shape in Boulder, Colorado in 2005 but relocated to Brooklyn in 2006, proving creativity and true happiness are drawn from personal experience. Caroline Polacheck, Arron Pfenning and Patrick Wimberly make a splendid indie pop trio. Although their elements are familiar make no mistake that their sound is unique. ‘Does You Inspire You’ was first released in 2008 by Kanine Records and then re released with extra tracks by the same label in 2009. Their ditties are versatile, funky and harmonic. Caroline Polacheck is a modern day enchantress. She successfully achieves clean and clear pitches that rival Judy Collins and Ma Cass who, in my mind, produced the post in tune pitch vocal history.

“Bruises” is a particular track that I believe to be one of their best. It showcases their talents and brands their style with its many excellences. It is amazing how the anthem of a bruised but devoted lover (which many of us can relate to) can sound so whimsical. I think the tune in tandem does a service to those battered hearts and reflects a shrewd resiliency. This is found in all of their songs, prompting the album to set an emotional context leading the listener back to the intensity of the moment.

Other good listens include “Dixie Gypsy”, “Planet Health” and “Territory”. There is a new sense of naturalism in the delicate details that encompass their sound. This begs the question do you actually inspire you. Tour info can be found at both their website and their MySpace, along with a bevy of tunes.

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