Unschooled Records Compilation Release

The new label focused on the realm of experimental electronic music releases it's first compilation record.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Jun 22, 2003

A lush selection of auditory experiments, beats, drones and harmonies featuring the artists Doofgoblin, Decomposure, 1St Class Lounge, Plan-29, Shank, Carbon Based Life Form, A Bit Crusher, Sonic Wallpaper, Mercurial, Powdermonkey, Natu Visu, Naton Rozenburg, Turbogeek and InternetDJ's Cloudscapes.

One may want keep an ear out for future releases by this label, interesting ventures planned ahead!

ENTER tracklisting:

1. Frazed, Doofgoblin
2. Matches, Decomposure
3. Interlude, 1St Class Lounge
4. Calomel, Plan-29
5. Glossy Trinket And Bonfire, Cloudscapes
6. Goyle, Shank
7. Totally Elephants, Carbon Based Life Form
8. I Am Watching You, A Bit Crusher
9. SubLoop Thud, Sonic Wallpaper
10. Unstable Orbit, Mercurial
11. In from the Cold, Powdermonkey
12. Song of the Trichomes, Natu Visu
13. Electronic Sealís Paradise, Naton Rozenburg
14. Squiggle (Lost within the curves), Turbogeek

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