Underworld, DJ AM Shut Out at HARD Summer Concert


Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Aug 9, 2009

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Underworld, Chromeo, DJ AM and over a dozen more electronic artists did not perform at the all-night-long music festival HARD Summer. The event was set to kick off last night at The Forum in Los Angeles but was shut down by the LA County Fire Department.

The venue has a capacity of 18,000 and no further information has been provided by the HARD Summer organizers. Commentary on the LA Times website includes accounts of disorganized security and audience members leaping from the first level down to the ground floor due to the "General Admission" policy.

Underworld's tweets corroborate audience comments:

"What happened there!? arrived into a vibe that just didn't feel right reminded me of Athens like it could escalate badly but we waited..."

"A block away we wrote the set list & waited for the callback when it came the police advised us the gig was shutdown & to turn back"

"This isn't the way we like to leave a night we come in peace to share joy & positive energy we r so sorry it had to be stopped r u all ok?"

"Can't sleep takin calls from concerned friends around the world & reading online accounts of last night this is no rice-dream"

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