Ultra Music Festival 2006: A Brief Retrospect

This year's Ultra Music Festival, part of the Winter Music Conference experience was the ultimate success.

Posted by farace on Sun Apr 2, 2006

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This year Ultra Music Fest had a new twist. It was held in an entirely new venue just steps away from Bay front Park at Bicentennial Park. This was the third move in Ultra history due to the huge crowd that grows every year. Though it was a new spot, that same great Ultra vibe was going strong even early in the day.

We got there around 3 pm just in time to catch Infected Mushroom and the crowd was already intense at almost every one of the 6 huge stages. The show was awesome as usual with a great blend of trance, awesome live keyboards and live guitar. Every show offered something different and the entire experience really was life changing. That much power and energy in one place is a real display of greatness.

I can't even begin to talk about every live show and DJ we got to see, it was insane. The best shows that we got to see would definitely have to have been BT, JXL, Burufunk, and The Autobots.

The whole experience isn't really something I can tell you in words. It's something you have to be there for and it really is worth every penny. I will be going for the entire week next year no questions asked. The amount of inspiration you get from hearing so much music from so many top artists in one place really is priceless. See you next year!

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