Twilo Nightclub NYC To Reopen

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Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Feb 4, 2003

The famous/infamous Twilo Nightclub on West 27th Street in New York is set to reopen this summer after the premises was recently taken over by Dublin super-club Spirit.

In the summer of 2001 Twilo was forced to hand its cabaret licence in to the state supreme court. The club had long been under the watchful eye of the state authorities who saw it as a centre for the sale and use of illegal drugs. According to the New York Times, the club had hired a private ambulance to ferry overdosing drug users to the city hospitals.

On one occasion the emergency services were refused entry to the club while answering a 911 call made from inside the venue. When officials finally entered, two clubbers were found unconscious and one semi-conscious. All were later treated for unspecified drug overdoses. The city had previously lost a lawsuit brought against the club citing it as a public nuisance in 1998 following an overdose by a patron. A clubber also died after collapsing in the venue in July last year.

Twilo was home to a number of UK DJs including Sasha and John Digweed who had a monthly residency. Spirit is highly regarded as being the top club in Dublin this huge venue is multi pourpose with live shows daily, a restaurant and even a small cinema on the premises, the fact that Spirit is so versatile is what many believe to be the factor that has allowed them to reopen Twilo. Although Spirit remains in essance a dance club it has a clean record when it comes to the big issue of drug taking which probably swung the Twilo licence in their favour.

Although no official announcement has been made yet it is expected that Twilo under the new name of Spirit will reopen this June. As a regular patron of Spirit's hospitality I reckon it's one to look forward to.

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