Trance Classics Volume 2 In Stores Now

It's not often I buy a CD these days, but I'll make exception to this. If you missed out on the first one, definitely pick up Volume 2. Info and mp3 samples for each track right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Jan 24, 2004

Music News
Following on from the massive success of "Trance Classics," Trance Classics Volume 2 compiles more of the top Trance anthems they couldn't fit onto Volume 1.

With names like DJ Jean, Gouryella, Timo Mass, Chicane, Sasha, ATB, DJ Sammy, and Ferry Corsten, Trance Classics 2 continues this must-have Trance compilation series featuring the biggest tracks from the past 5 years.

Track Listing
01 boys of summer *green court remix* (dj sammy) (Listen - MP3)
02 the launch *instant double remix* (dj jean) (Listen - MP3)
03 don't stop *sq-1 mix* (atb) (Listen - MP3)
04 meet her at the love parade *hooligan's 2001 club remix* (da hool) (Listen - MP3)
05 castles in the sky *peter luts remix* (ian van dahl) (Listen - MP3)
06 the silence *tekara *matt darey* mix* (mike koglin) (Listen - MP3)
07 from russia with love *original* (matt darey) (Listen - MP3)
08 madagascar *ferry corsten mix* (art of trance ) (Listen - MP3)
09 dance valley theme *extended mix* (system f) (Listen - MP3)
10 bellissima *original* (dj quicksilver) (Listen - MP3)
11 everytime *nalin & kane mix* (lustral) (Listen - MP3)
12 wavy gravy (sasha) (Listen - MP3)
13 touch me *original* (rui da silva) (Listen - MP3)
14 carte blanche *original* (veracocha) (Listen - MP3)
15 everyday, every moment, every time *lange remix* (agnelli & nelson) (Listen - MP3)
16 don't give up *disco citizens vs. tomski remix* (chicane feat. bryan adams) (Listen - MP3)
17 walhalla *extended mix* (gouryella) (Listen - MP3)
18 punk *kid vicious remix* (ferry corsten) (Listen - MP3)
19 sunchyme *remapped by coloured oxygen* (dario g.) (Listen - MP3)
20 toca's miracle *club mix* (fragma) (Listen - MP3)
21 ubiq *the dance* *original/instrumental* (timo maas) (Listen - MP3)
22 the theme *original* (jurgen vries) (Listen - MP3)
23 heaven scent *original mix* (bedrock) (Listen - MP3)
24 someone *original vocal mix* (ascension) (Listen - MP3)

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