Top Trending Headphones for the Holiday Season

Because IBM Watson told me so.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Dec 10, 2015

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IBM has recently launched a website and companion iOS/Android mobile app called Watson Trend.  The new service helps shoppers understand what's trending and why through the application of congnitive computing techniques. It uses, as a corpus, billions of social conversations to derive what people are talking about, as well as the sentiment in these discussions.  You can think of Watson Trend as a sort of a cognitive gift guide for the holidays.

One of the key classes of products picked up by the service are headphones.  As of today, here are the strongest showers among the top headphone brands picked up by Watson Trend:

  1. Beats by Dre (Trend Score: 28)
  2. Sennheiser (Trend Score: 17)
  3. Bose (Trend Score: 10)
  4. Logitech (Trend Score: 9)
  5. Skullcandy (Trend Score: 5)
  6. Shure (Trend Score: 3)

Not surpised that my favorite Grado headphones didn't make the list... perhaps we need to drum up some social conversations and pump them up on the list. The Watson Trend site updates daily. It will be interesting to see what happends to these trends as we move beyond the holiday hype and into 2016.




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