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Here's the weekly scoop from InternetDJ member Twelve652. Five tracks you need to know about right this very second. Second week in a row for Eric Prydz.

Posted by Todd Simmons on Wed Sep 29, 2004

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'Kings of Tomorrow - Another Day'
'Kings of Tomorrow have come along way since their most famous tune 'Finally' was released in 2001. This really is deep house at its best, the female vocal is so soothing you could mistake this for a chill-out tune. I love it. '
HTFR: Kings of Tomorrow - Another Day

'Sucker Dj's - Lotta Lovin' (paradise soul mix)'
'Sucker Dj's are known for their simple style of house, usually a vocal hook repeated throughout the song with a very simple bassline, this remix though complicates everything. The killer melody sets a fantastic atmosphere out on the floor, its a great tune. Heres hoping for more of the same from paradise soul!'
HTFR: Sucker Dj's - Lotta Lovin' (paradise soul mix)

'Eric Prydz - Human Behaviour'
'Eric Prydz is back to his old monster bouncy electronic basslines, this track doesnt dissapoint his most loyal following, an excellent house track with a synth hook to die for!'
HTFR: Eric Prydz - Human Behaviour

'Marino Berardi - Clear The Skies'
'When this gets played out the dancefloor goes to another dimension, this really is trippy stuff especially with the right lighting. It's got a crazy groove that only the slickest dancers can keep up to. Its one of those tracks that takes you all the way out of the club with the break down, then without you noticing it brings you smack back on the dancefloor to an awesome bass punch. I recommend this tune to anyone that wants to lose themselves for 10 minutes.'
HTFR: Marino Berardi - Clear The Skies

'Fat Phaze - Mateo'
'I just started playing this one again, released last year on the french label, Missdemeanour Music, it's excellent for that end of night tune, brings the crowd right down to a nice stop and still leaves them wanting more, an excellent tune and a rare gem in my box.'
HTFR: Fat Phaze - Mateo

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