Top 40 Update: DJ Prone Back in Number One Spot

After a week out of the number 1 spot, DJ PRONE is back to number one with the track: Kick It! (Public Domain Club mix). Listen to the complete top 40 on internetDJ.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Sep 16, 2002

GnAzZ's mix Back For More (Shortcut Mix)
that was number one that week has dropped down to SIXTH on the chart....

SECOND on the chart, Raverboy's (Peace but not revenge (9/11/01 Powerful hard mix)

THIRD on the chart, Raverboy's (Other Dimensional(Raverboys Edit)

FOURTH on the chart, DJ Prone's (Fly On The Wings of Love)

FIFTH on the chart, DJ Adrenalines (Trouble In Paradise) mix dedicated to Sep 11 2001

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