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Does kidcore stand a chance?

Posted by annacon3 on Mon May 25, 2009

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Tiny Masters Of Today - Pop Chart
May 25, 2009

The Tiny Masters of Today, a pre-teen group out of Brooklyn will certainly prompt a double take as they explode onto the scene with the drop of their album Skeletons on June 16th by Mute Records. Their debut album Bang Bang Boom Cake earned praises from the likes of David Bowie.

Having a track borrowed by CSS and lucky enough to have recorded with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs the group has developed a following that is picking up quickly in the UK. They have a pristine resume at the ripe old ages of 15 and 13. You read me right. Originally a duo comprised of a brother and sister team Ivan and Ada, in the past two years has achieved a certain indie success that most can only dream of and that generally happens long after they’ve passed the legal voting age.

They don't sound angry, they're not scantily clad or over the top. This band brings a fresh attitude and sound to a scene that seems to be welcoming them with open arms without demanding they turn in their Game Boys. Does kidcore stand a chance? Existing on the foundation of quaint and catchy punk, strewn together by a series of guitar riffs, these three are a good time; plain and simple.

This is promisingly fun punk that shows ample room for progression. However, puberty is a fickle thing so only time will tell. Both their tracks and remixes are worth a listen and free downloads are often available at their band site.

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