Timo Maas Gets You Hooked on PICTURES

Get the full details on Timo Maas' latest album with audio samples and the video from his great single 'The First Day'.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Sep 14, 2005

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Timo Maas released his second artist album, PICTURES, on August 23, 2005. The album was recorded primarily in his Hannover-based studio over the past two years with production partner Martin Buttrich.

The first single from this album, "THE FIRST DAY" released way back in May, 2005, is a track rich with deep rhythms, haunting vocals and the most addictive hook we've heard all year. Furthermore, the radio edit is a successful attempt at bridging the sounds of several genres and will appeal to many.

Timo says of his album development, "we made the necessary progression to make our sound more 2005. Now there are more rock influences, hip-hop influences and more alternative stuff. It's important to prove that dance music can be pushed into new directions".

Artist: Timo Maas
Label: Ultra Records
Released: August 23, 2005
1. Slip In Electro Kid
2. Pictures (feat. Brian Molko of Placebo)
3. First Day (feat. Brian Molko of Placebo)
4. High Drama (feat. Neneh Cherry)
5. Enter My World
6. 4 Ur Ears (feat. Kelis)
7. Release (feat. Rodney P.)
8. Big Chevy
9. Devli Feel
10. Burn Out
11. Like Siamese (feat. Brian Molko of Placebo)
12. Haven't We Met Before

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