Tim Deluxe: The Little Ginger Interview

We managed to grab a few minutes with Tim Deluxe while promoting his latest album 'The Little Ginger Club Kid'. Read and listen to the exclusive interview right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Apr 11, 2004

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Once again, I was out of town when Tim was available, so many thanks go to Aurelia for capturing one hell of an interview. Tim's releasing "The Little Ginger Club Kid" in the US, and its pretty damn good. Be sure to get the details on this album right here.

The Interview
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read excerpts:
(internetdj) What was the inspiration for calling you the Little Ginger Club Kid?
(Tim Deluxe) The record company wanted to get a concept going because I was nearly finished with the album. I didnít know what to call it, and I saw these photos at home, the sort of thing that you hide from your school friends and not let anyone see. And I just thought, I donít care, Iím just going to put them on my album.

(internetdj) Now on the new album you have two of my favorite songs, Heavy Weather and Little Star. Oneís very mellow and one filled with trumpets and the horns-- you are a white boy from Britain, where does the Cuban flavor come from? Where dows the African rhythms come from?
(Tim Deluxe) Iím just into soulful music. A lot of Latin music, and Jazz and Reggae, and Iím a big fan of black music. And itís all sorts from classical toó- Iím just a music lover. But personally, when I'm in the studio, it has to have that groove. It has to be sexy. Iím always trying to make my music sexy, I donít want it to be too hard and too trancy, or too stiff. It has to be sexy and make people want to dance.

(internetdj) when does the CD hit the US? Do you have a label here yet?
(Tim Deluxe) No, we havenít got a label, weíre just doing it ourselves over there, weíre just taking care of things. Weíve got some people doing press and that, and Iím going to come over and DJ soon in America, I think probably in June, and then again in August. Keep trying to pop over in the summer every couple of months and promote the CDs and stuff. You know, now that the album will be available.

(internetdj) So right now the best way for your fans to get your album is online?
(Tim Deluxe) If people want to get it online, the best way is to go trackstoburn.com and download it. You should be able to get it in some of the more specialist record shops. There should be copies floating about. I know thereís some shops, like Satellite Records in New York, and some of the bigger stores have already got copies.

(internetdj) If you could collaborate with any producer, who would it be?
(Tim Deluxe) Probably be... in his heyday... Quincy Jones.

(internetdj) And if there was an artist that you could work with right now?
(Tim Deluxe) Chris Martin from COldplay. Heís cool and Iím a massive fan right now of Cold Play. So, him or someone like Bono from U-2 would be cool as well.

(internetdj) And when you produce, not to give away all the secrets, but whatís your favorite kind of equipment to use?
(Tim Deluxe) It changes. Lots of people ask me that all the time, it literally does change, because sometimes you get into using some piece of equipment, whether it be a drum machine, or keyboard, or you know, an EQ or something. And then you just come home and donít use it, and you move on, and then you go back to it, and youíre like, oh, this is cool now. So you have a new lease on life on it. Iíve just recently done that with my drum machine, the SP1200.

(internetdj) Which cities have you gotten into trouble in?
(Tim Deluxe) Umó Iím not going to stay. Iíll get in more trouble.

(internetdj) Whatís your most memorable experience on the road so far?
(Tim Deluxe) Oh, thereís so many to mention. Like Japan this trip, literally just the best gig of my life there. And that's a big statement, the best week of my life. The best reaction Iíve had. And it wasn't even because I played so well, I mean, itís just the whole thing, The club, the people, the sound system, being built up before hand. My record being out there and doing really well. So, you know, thereís a lot of excitement around.

(internetdj) So youíre excited at coming to the States. Can you let us know where youíre going to be playing?
(Tim Deluxe) I think when I come back weíre going to be playing in New York somewhere, just looking into a couple of places up there at the moment, and also going to be doing some stuff in L.A., and San Fran., and Denver, and where else? Chicago? Yeah, just going to be touring around really. And I think on the first trip though New York will definitely be on this trip, this next one coming up. And Iím not sure what other cities, but weíll get to those Iíve just mentioned.

(internetdj) And if you could talk to some of the new producers coming up, how should they approach making such great music?
(Tim Deluxe) Just do what you want to do. I mean, just be real in terms of making music that youíre feeling and that youíre enjoying, that gets you excited. Because if youíre not excited, how can anyone else be excited by it?

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