This Week's Top Five Tracks

Each week, InternetDJ member Twelve652 brings you five tracks you need to know about. This week its a mini-set featuring a monster Robbie Rivera remix.

Posted by Todd Simmons on Thu Aug 26, 2004

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'Chicken Lips - He Not In'
'This was the first minimal house track and probably the best, it was released in 2001, 3 years before The Dirty Funker became so popular, it's a wicked warm-up track and not to be missed.'
HTFR: Chicken Lips - He Not In

'Bibi - Eternal Lover'
'This is a great little vocal number and you cant beat that piano filled break, any track that gets the girls dancing and lifts the mood of the floor is a big tune for me.'
HTFR: Bibi - Eternal Lover

'Gipsy - Gipsy (Robbie Rivera Mix)'
'I got a real soft spot for any house track that breaks the mould, this robbie rivera pumped up remix of a french house monster does just that, i think youll be hearing alot more of that kind of bassline in the near future.'
HTFR: Gipsy - Gipsy (Robbie Rivera Mix)

'Cocobongo - Burning Sunshine'
'This track is absolutely huge, imaging queuing outside a club while this is playing, "LET ME THE FUCK IN NOW!!!", tunes like this are the reason why we go clubbing, the mp3 sample will speak for itself.'
HTFR: Cocobongo - Burning Sunshine

'Eric Prydz - In & Out'
'My favourite outro at the moment, using them awesome vocals from One Phat Deeva, it ends the night really well, great tune!'
HTFR: Eric Prydz - In & Out

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