Their Crowning Glory

Louie Vega, our agent of rapturous sound has set the bar very high.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Mar 16, 2010

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10 Years of Soul Heaven Compiled and Mixed by Louie Vega. Ten years of dulcet tones signed, sealed, and delivered are ready for your enjoyment in the three CD release by Soul Heaven, celebrating a decade of achievement. At the hand of Louie Vega, this anniversary release pays homage to the sounds of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Although the three disc set is defined by age, common primordial beats string the three together and create a cohesive sound that defines an era of music. Masterfully mixed, Mr. Vega touches upon the very core that is vocal house and beyond. The third disc in particular is comprised of tracks chosen by Louie Vega, Phil Asher, Andy Ward, Aaron Ross, Neil Pierce Craig Smith, and partners Kenny Mac and Fleur Woolford. Tasty jams such as Stay Together, Child Like, Warriors of Africa and a Henrik Schwarz Remix of Think Twice are nostalgic for the DJs and are cherished in turn by fellow slaves to the beat.

The triple CD album dropped March 8, 2010 to a very wet appetite. A combination of razor sharp sound and explosive beats allows the music to reverberate the creative lust any beat lover endows. Each CD is fraught with visceral sound that will engage anyone with refined taste. This is the electronic opus of the millennial generation. The release simultaneously celebrates the sonic achievements of the past and sets a masterful precedent for the future. A euphonic gauntlet has been thrown and I look forward to any upcoming musical compilations that accept the challenge. This reaches farther back than the roots of London to an innate instinct that lies within all of us. "I wanted to give you new flava as we always did at Soul Heaven. It's about good music for us. There are many producers and artists creating hot & fresh music that should be recognized" said Louie Vega. We’re listening…

Click Soul Heaven for tons of goodies.

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