THE Summer Concerts

Well its summer and I know you all know what that means. No not another Area Concert Festival. The return of the summer music festivals!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jun 4, 2003

Well its here, that's right the new Metallica CD and new Metallica tour. That's right the Summer Santarium tour is hitting the road with the Gods of Metal themselves Metallica, crap-ass rap rockers Limp Bizkit, the techno/rap/rock/pop hero's Linkin Park, wall o' noise themselves the Deftones, and math metal geniuses Mudvayne. The tour looks to be promising even for the nasty addititon of Limp Bizkit, but who knows, this tour gets ****1/2 out of 5

The next big tour is the return of the alt./art rock festival Lollapalooza featuring the best in the world of alternative rock and rap. This year's lineup features, the original lineup of Jane's Addiction, which the bands leader singer Perry Farrell, started Lollapalooza almost ten years ago. Also coming to grace the stage is the very surprising Audioslave, the beautiful people otherwise known as Incubus, the even more surprising Queens of the Stone Age (Dave Grohl not included :`( ), the always indifferent Jurrasic Five, which happens to be the odd one in this bunch ;-), punk/pop Queens the Donnas, and featuring (on selected dates) A Perfect Circle and Cold. All in all, with the number of bands and hippie chicks, I give this festival a *****/5

Now we get ot the mother of all hangovers and old biker gangs, that's right Ozzfest, concidered to be the launching pad for most Nu-Metal bands Ozzfest has been around for almost if not longer than Lollapalooza. Gracing the first stage this year will be the Ozzman himself, rap/rock frontiersman Korn, shock rock guru Marilyn Manson, freaks on a stick Disturbed, and the brothers of the band Chevelle. Bands to look for on the second stage are few but worht the few hundred yards or so, Swedish death metal freaks Cradle of Filth, and the Second coming of Megadeth Shadows Fall. Well to wrap up this travelling freak show, with the number of nu-metal bands out numbering the number of metal bands. And not only to mention all the fat ex-cons called Bubba and Zeke, i give it a ***/5

And now the big one, i say the big one cause this is where all the hot chicks will be. THE VANS WARPED TOUR 2003! That's right back again with a vengence, this is the one that almost all skater's and other MTV assholes have been looking forward too. This is the one that I hold with the most shock and awe. This festical features some of the biggest names ever in punk/rock and pop/punk. To grace the first stage thsi year are goth-core heros AFI, the guy who made masochism popular Andrew W.K., the drunk Irish band Dropkick Murphys, anti-government revolutionaries Pennywise, the kings of pop/metal/punk Sum 41, and the band leading the screamo movement Thrice, with many, many, many more great and half-way decent bands on the other stages, not to mention the hot skater chicks, battle of the bands, extreme sprots exobitions, and did i mention the skater chicks. I give this a very, very, very high *****/5.

While there are plenty more concerts, these three are the most widely known, and honestly worth the money to go see. So in closing this year looks to be one hell of a summer, and remember sunblock is your friend!

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