The Sound Of Marc Et Claude

Marc et Claude are two of the most consistant providers of quality trance and dance music, writing dance history for years with highly acclaimed international hit singles like: 'La', 'I Need Your Lovin', 'Tremble' and 'Lovin You 2003'

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Aug 26, 2003

Following their recently released new smasher "It's All For Love", here comes the long awaited debut longplayer "You Own The Sound". Itís a spicy dish, with a well balanced touch of Trance and Techno influences combined with amazing Pop and Independent elements.

As an exclusive Australian bonus the album will also contain a bonus disc capturing the boys live in the mix, giving us a taste of what they have been doing with their amazing & must see club gigs across the globe.

Disc 1
[1] The Sound
[2] Tremble
[3] Free Spirit
[4] La
[5] Laserbeam Butterfly
[6] I Need Your Lovin' (Like The Sunshine)
[7] It's All For Love
[8] Cape Town
[9] Feel You
[10] Loving You
[11] 5 A.M. Zocalo
[12] The History Of Acid House
[13] You Own The Sound

Disc 2
[1] Lambda - Hold On Tight - Nalin & Kane Remix
[2] Condor - Velvet Dreams - Trance Mix
[3] Airbase - Genie - Original Mix
[4] Ralph Fridge - Man On Mars - Martin Eyerer Remix
[5] Art Of Trance - Madagascar - 2002 Kumara Remix
[6] Marc Et Claude - Loving You - DJ Isaac Remix
[7] Erik Vee - Wildside - Club Mix
[8] Gate - Iron Eden - Radio Edit
[9] Boca - Brazil - Cabana Mix
[10] Fusion 808 - Take On Me - Reeloop Mix
[11] Jens O - Remember The Day - Club Mix
[12] Taiko - Silence - Darren Styles Remix
[13] CR2 - I Believe - Jens O's Respect Mix
[14] Ray Knox - Sign Of Love - Flashrider Mix
[15] H + M - Go - Kyau Vs Albert Remix

Title Information
Format: Compact Disc (2CD)
Label: BANG ON!
Original Release Date: 11-Aug-03

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