The Sirius and XM Satellite Radio Scare

Editorial on the spread of satellite-based radio subscriber services from a radio DJ.

Posted by anitafox on Fri Dec 30, 2005

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There seems to be a run on fear when it come to XM and Sirius radio. The terrestrials like myself are worried it will kill us. I personally feel the threat is not the sats, it's the VT's being used across the country. The loss of the live dj is robbing America of what radio was meant to be.

Radio is a medium to inform the public. When a station uses voice tracks to program their station, that is not being done. The public is not in touch with the station they listen to when nobody is there.

The days of being involved in the community are almost over. The reason we are on the air is a history in radio. I am lucky to have a live shift. I can inform my listeners what is happening as it happens. If there is a weather alert, I am my community's only resource for information in the afternoon. I love the ability to touch my listeners and have them touch back.

When will the radio industry take back the responsibility they are licensed to have? Where does the public turn?

XM and Sirius are not a threat, they are a pay to listen option. The fear being felt by the terrestrial radio owners is only founded if they are neglecting their responsibility and not providing a service for their listeners.

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