The Secrets of DJ Prone’s Studio Revealed

Ever wonder how top DJs make their music? Want to know the tools of the trade? In this article, DJ Prone reveals what he uses to make his music plus you can listen to two complete MP3s by DJ Prone.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jan 23, 2002

DJ Prone, AKA, Nathan Boon has been making music for 7 years now. In the early years he was known as ‘Digital Distortion’. He specialised, then in the Happy Hardcore, Rave, Drum ‘n’ Bass and Jungle scene. Making, semi-amateur sounds and poor quality samples! In 1997 he reformed his-self and renamed himself to his current position of DJ Prone. He dropped the poor quality ‘Hardware’ and entered ‘Software’ producing……..where he is today!

Many people may think, ‘Hardware is best in producing’ but no, not DJ Prone, he believes software is the future.

“What’s the point on spending thousands of pounds on hardware that you can get for free on the computer, plus you can configure software samples etc more than hardware……….Its good enough for Paul van Dyk, so its good enough for me!”

Although he believes this, he has the obvious hardware mechanisms such as: Keyboards; Graphics Equalisers; and his beloved Turntables.

Nowadays, DJ Prone’s specialist genres in music are, Trance, Hard House, Techno and just a hint of Happy Hardcore remains.

The main piece of equipment DJ Prone uses is, ‘Modplug Tracker’, this is a 0 to 64-channel tracker, which he creates all of his tunes on. This is one of the great trackers available and it is very cheap to get hold of – free infect, download it here.

Features of the 'Modplug Tracker'

Filter cut off, resonance and mode. Effect Parameters #0, #1, #2, #3. Set Speed, Position Jump, Pattern Break, Volume Slide, Vibrato, Pamrello, Arapeggo etc, etc…


All DJ Prone uses the MAGIX Mixer for is to get everything sounding right, equalising voices correctly and adding some reverb. This is a 16-channel software mixer, with record, reverb and pan capabilities.

Cool Edit

Cool Edit is the main sample creation software DJ Prone uses, like a normal synthesizer but different effects can be added. Without this DJ Prone would be stuck on creating tunes.

Apart from the turntables, Keyboard, and Hardware mixers etc, that is DJ Prone’s Studio.

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