The Russians are Coming :: Rudenko Releases EVERYBODY

Supported by Pete Tong, Zane Lowe, Sara Cox, Vernon Kay, Judge Jules & more.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Jan 10, 2009

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Last year Sasha Dith turned a few heads with his music video for "Russian Girls" featuring some captured soldier being threatened by incredibly sexy and garment-removing... well... Russian Girls. Fast forward to 2009 and we have a brand new Russian electro producer Rudenko who made a music video for "Everybody" featuring some captured soldier being threatened by incredibly sexy, this-time-line-dancing, possibly-Russian Girls.

Because I am a child of the 80s, when I hear the word "Russian" I can't help conjuring up the image of Chevy Chase having is fingers almost cut off by the KGB in Spies Like Us. However, I think that image has been completely wiped clean by these two videos.

On February 26th, 2009, Rudenko emerges from the underground via Data Records with his first major single "Everybody". Radio 1’s Pete Tong, Zane Lowe, Sara Cox, Vernon Kaye, Scott Mills, and Judge Jules are all championing ‘Everybody’, while Kiss’s Steve Smart is giving it his full support. Already a major club record; expect this to be a peaktime anthem across the party season.

The track has that Data-esque mass appeal sound, but doesn't really have a great hook nor an original theme. The hip-pop (as Sonaris called it) rhythm is equally ho-hum. The video is very bubble-gum, a bit too crisp for its intention and the dancing is just ridiculous. Not quite as eye-rolling as Basshunter's recent video-bomb, but I would have expected something just a bit more artistic for Rudenko's first major trip out.

Music Video
"Rudenko - Everybody"

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