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Posted by annacon3 on Wed Oct 21, 2009

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CHRO-ME-OOOOOO!! Being a HUGE Chromeo fan from the beginning, I was faced with the menagerie that is their fanbase on October 16 at the Fillmore in NYC. There were some generational specifics and any attendees over 40 were few and far between-- the variation of characters was refreshing. I never shy away from a public spectacle that provides me with good fodder for the weekend.

Some types seemed more prominent than others and I have no doubt that location plays a huge role in this factor. For example, a particular moron in dockers with two popped collar shirts boisterously claimed: "the fashionable people will be separated from the unfashionable people once the music started." The see and be seen atmosphere projected by some concert goers was rather off-putting. The countless super sized beer cans being thrown around during the show was a bummer, especially when you know that the Fillmore was charging $12 a piece for them.

I even questioned the lit joints that were flicked on stage while Dave 1 and P-Thugg were proving their funk prowess. Their live version of Fancy Footwork was so deliciously funky I got lost in my rug cutting long enough to forget the dry humping that was going on at the lateral, front and back sides of me. Very fashionable indeed.

The boys on stage exploited their quintessential talk box vocals and curvaceous synths. Chromeo, are masters of the live show and I award them with a watermelon scratch n' sniff sticker for cunning set list 'strategery'. They included favorites such as Needy Girl, Call Me Up, Tenderoni and 100%. They deliver fancy tracks, a seducing light show and an on stage energy that is nothing short of histrionic. These boys demonstrated the classic Chromeo with a highly developed sense of gumption. They are busting at the seems with sassitude and the future album Night by Night is their mission statement of sass. The notes, the lyrics and the fresh composition summon a chutzpah that will woo any listener. Like every true pimp, they make it rain.

Staying true to their original sound they seamlessly evolve into their music. The charisma of their sound parallels Dave 1's (swoon) Miami Vice style white suit but Don Johnson wishes he was worthy of this tasty, retro theme song. The exploitive use of the guitar emphasizes a blues finesse. I predict this will be a key player in their junior album. They performed the title track of their future album Night by Night and it was dashing. We sang it on the subway all the way home.

Both the jam and a splendid remix are available for streaming and free download courtesy of Green Label Sound. They mentioned at the show the album will be dropped in the Summer of 2010. Naturally, I hope for sooner but I know that you can't rush genius.

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