The Prodigy Release Three Visual Assaults

Always the innovators, The Prodigy recently launched a special music player where you can view three visual oddities featuring tracks from their latest album. Worth a look.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Aug 25, 2004

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As you all well know, The Prodigy is coming back with a new album titled, "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned". The international release date is August 23, 2004; September 14th in the US. To promote this album they created this special music player featuring animation based on three tracks from this album. Perhaps the best part of this thing is that you can hear "Girls", "Memphis Belle" and "Hotride". Check it out here.

The Prodigy's video for the latest single, "Girls" is now being featured on the Fuse network's "Oven Fresh" . "Oven Fresh" is a program that showcases the hottest new videos and asks for the viewers input as to which ones should stay and which ones should go. We need everyone to go over to the voting page, give the "Girls" video the thumbs up and leave a comment. If you see any featured videos that you do not want to win, feel free to give those a thumbs down. Doing this will also help "Girls" to win. To vote, click here.

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