The Phoenix Will Rise Again

Rising from the ashes never sounded so good.

Posted by annacon3 on Sun Mar 15, 2009

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May 25th, 2009 marks the auspicious date that the majesty of the French foursome Phoenix will descend upon the world (the world being everywhere but the United States) with their new album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix". Thomas Mars, Deck D'Arcy, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Brancowitz parlayed their garage band roots with their love of the electric that originated from ample exposure to Air (former tour mates) to create audible loveliness. Proof positive that exposure means everything.

The powerhouse emerged from a year in the Phillipe Zdar (Cassius) studio with their own personal label, Loyaute and an epoch of an album. Pheonix recently signed with Glassnote which is heading up the stateside drop on May 26th. This ten track diddy is an unshakable follow up to their successful 2006 album "It's Never Been Like That" and is a gem not to be overlooked.

Phoenix toy with the different levels of sound in their playful composition projecting their eclectic concept into the space of the listener. The fetching lyrics combined with an eloquent, fluid sound make this album a smart cross-fertilization of musical cultures. With sexy tracks such as Lasso, 1901 (free mp3 download) and Rome, the album strangely works an international magic that is similar to that of a glass of a fine red wine.

Acting as a form of social lubrication, the beats and the tasty riffs soften up even the most rigid wallflower to reveal the inherent mover and shaker in all of us. This album is fraught with an abstract sensibility that is both intimate and engaging. It is sure to be nothing short of a success. Other tracks from previous albums worth a listen include "Heatwave" and "Funky Squaredance".

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