The New Technics CD Turntable

It appears that the rumors involving a new Technics Digital CD turntable are true. Full details plus pictures of this beautiful piece of equipment right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Nov 29, 2003

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At the recently held PLASA show, Technics showcased the new SL-DZ1200 and it looks like they've set a new high watermark for the industry.

The technical details are anorexic, but this is what we've learned: the solid metal unit on display featured a direct-drive 8 inch platter, it plays red book CD's as well as MP3 CD's and SD media, has a multitude of built in effects including vinyl simulations, beat-sync'd delays, filters, reverbs and flanges, full sampling and looping, sample accurate manual cue-points, up to 50+/-% pitch control with pitch lock, tempo and range control, instant forward and reverse operation, 4 pads for triggering samples, 4 cue pads, brake speed control, real time recording and a digital output.

Technics is also said to be readying a new 4 channel digital companion mixer. No release date has been set.

The Future: Witness the final nail in the vinyl coffin yourself...

available spring 2004

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