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Channeling The Softer Side of Bad Ass

Posted by annacon3 on Sat Apr 11, 2009

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Lady Sovereign - So Human
Mar 14, 2009

Exploding onto the British scene in 2006 with her particularly popular hits Cha Ching, Love Me or Hate and Public warning, Louise Amanda Harman established herself as the certifiable grime, rhyme songstress we know and love today as Lady Sovereign. Her edgy sound may have proven to be too much for the U.S. ear, not having resonated as it did everywhere else.

It has been a couple of years and the pint sized, industrial poet has proven to have flexed her muscles in the past three years. Her latest release "Jigsaw", already available in the United States and set to drop in Europe on April 13, blends both her old and new styles. A combination that will surely propel her into the mainstream. She calls upon a plethora of samples spanning various genres of music.

The featured hit on the album "So Human" borrows a sample from the Cure classic Close to Me. Channeling the softer side of bad ass, Lady Sov produces a sound that breaks the traditional rules of good taste. A Jigsaw mix tape is available on her website for any eager listener interested in previewing the album before making the purchase.

Nevertheless the lady of the sovereign nation strides forward offering a playful sense of symmetry in her sound that is embossing her own personal style on the music industry.

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