Telepopmusik - Not Your Ordinary Techno

This French trio has been taking Europe by storm. Watch, listen and learn why they're not just another techno group. Audio, Video and more right here!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Apr 19, 2002

Telepopmusik consist of Autour de Lucie's Fabrice Dumont, sound engineer Stephan Haeri and Christophe Hetier, better known as DJ Antipop. Brought up by the electronic stylings from Buggles to Kraftwerk via old-skool hip-hop masters Grand Master Flash and the Sugar Hill Gang, they have become a new force within the electric techno genre. Their forthcoming album "Genetic World" will be out May 21st.

Our Rating (out of 5):
Our Favorite Track: Breathe

Since the album's not out yet in the US, here's some press from the UK:
"Magical and maddening" - Q
"5 stars" - DJ Magazine
"A twilight hours opus" - NME

Telepopmusik - "Breathe" Audio:
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Telepopmusik - "Breathe" Video:
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