Superstar DJ Keoki Returns to NYC

DJ Keoki will return to NYC for one night. Find out when and where, plus full US tour details right here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jul 16, 2003

Music News
When: Sunday July 20 @ Zen Music Festival
Where: Webster Hall /125 E. 11th st./212 353 1600

Chill Promotions present a Livetronica festival complete with continuous music, there will bands and DJs in every one of the 4 separate atmospheres-Doors 9pm- 4am: The New Deal, Sucka Punch, Superstar DJ Keoki, Brothers Past, Ming +FS, Big in Japan.

In support of his greatly anticipated release, KeokiClash (Hypnotic Records, Aug 12), Keoki will be making his long awaited debut at the Zen Music Festival this Sunday. The mix of KeokiClash is truly Keoki's; it's the now sound of electroclash interwoven with Keoki's myriad electronic influences, ones that cover the scope of modern dance music's evolution since the 80s. Haunting atmospherics merge with stuttering synths and syncopated beats on L'Ectronix's "Window Shopping in the Mirror," while Zombie Nation's "Unload" melds some early-'90s house sounds with present day electro bliss.

The KeokiClash record plays almost autobiographical: You can hear the ominous references to the Club Kid days and the clubland murder case of Michael Alig in Keoki's own mix of "Virus" by The Horrorist; feel Keoki reveling in Miss Kittin's dismissal of "sex, drugs, and rock and roll" in Felix da Housecat's "Madam Hollywood," remixed here by Ursula 1000 with a gritty underbelly. Keoki is featured in PARTY MONSTER (the movie starring Macaulay Culkin and Chloe Sevigny due out in September). Keoki was the DJ at the Limelight during that era and is portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama (Fez in that 70's show). Please see below for a full US tour schedule.

Keoki US Tour
July 20-Zen Fest-Webster Hall-NYC
July 25-SWIG-Santa Fe, NM
August 3-TBC-Jacksonville, FL
August 5-TBC-Hollywood, CA-party monster screening premire prest. by BPM
August 14-Firestone-Orlando, FL (record release & instore in FLA)
August 15-Freedom-Phoenix, AZ
August 16-Deep-San Diego, CA
August 21-Filthy Beats-Pittsburgh, PA (record release & instore in Pitt)
August 22-Response-San Francisco, CA
August 29-SWIG-Santa Fe, NM
September 20-DV8-Salt Lake, UT
September 25-Filthy Beats-Pitts-PA
September 27-Shred Shed-Austin, TX
October 30-Filthy Beats-Pittsburgh, PA
November 20-Filthy Beats-Pittsburgh, PA

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